«Bioposuda» LLC is a 100% subsidiary of the company «Krambioplast» LLC, which is the only manufacturer of disposable tableware in Russia, working on its own technologies.

We are a successfully developing production company with five years of experience in the Russian and international market of disposable tableware.

Specialization of the company is a full cycle of production of disposable tableware from biodegradable material (full cycle includes all stages from preparation of recipes of initial raw materials to finished products).

Our products are of optimum quality-price ratio while maintaining fast production time.

We produce almost all kinds of disposable tableware from corn starch and rice husks – plates, containers, glasses, trays.
We are ready to offer a full range of services, starting from the design of the product visual style and ending with the delivery of finished products throughout Russia and abroad.

Our production capabilities:
1. Extrusion line with production capacity of up to 350 kg/h.
2. Two automatic molding machines of deep molding with a capacity of up to 2 million items per month each.
3. One automatic molding machine with low depth of molding with a capacity of up to 1 million products per month.


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