We are the only manufacturer in Russia, using its own technology.

We are a successfully developing production company with five years of experience in the Russian and international market of disposable tableware.

The company is specializing in a  full cycle of production of disposable tableware, from preparation of recipes of raw materials to final goods.

Our packaging products are of optimum quality-price ratio during the fast period of production.

We produce almost all kinds of disposable tableware from corn starch and rice husks – plates, containers, cups, trays.

We are ready to offer a full range of services, starting with the development of product design and ending with the delivery of final products throughout the territory of Russia and abroad.

Our production facilities:

1. One extrusion line with production capacity up to 350 kg/h.
2. Two automatic forming machines for items with large depth with a capacity of up to 2 million items per month/each.
3. One automatic forming machine for items with middle depth with a capacity of up to 1 million items per month.


Convenience Speed Reliability Profitability
It is easy to work with us — we are always ready to make almost any package in accordance with the design, size and color required by the customer. You do not have to wait long for the products to pass the customs clearance procedure. All products are produced at our factory in the Moscow region. We will carry out fast delivery from a warehouse in Moscow We have been developing biodegradable material since 2014. Our team consists of scientists and technologists, which allows us to constantly improve our products and develop new ones. All components are from Russia, so the price does not depend on the currency rate. We have a flexible system of discounts.

Why to use biodegradable tableware

Elegant design, pleasant velvety surface, noble color, durability and reliability are the obvious advantages of biodegradable tableware.

You want your products to be not only tasty, but also beautiful in appearance.

What about the package it’s on? Cheap plastic is strongly associated with fast food and the same plastic food.

Biodegradable packaging is not like plastic, it is more dense and weighty. Most importantly – much more pleasant to the touch, than a plastic. In such a package, the product looks more natural and appetizing.

A variety of forms of packaging and the ability to paint it in branded colors will help to sell your product and strengthen the brand image.

Environmentally friendly
Taking care of the environment is not just a personal initiative, but a collective responsibility on the part of both clients and business.

People overestimate the culture of consumption and demand awareness from the companies whose goods and services they use.

This situation is common in Russia, and the trend is most popular in the “advanced” and financially attractive segments of the population. Biodegradable packaging is absolutely environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by international certificates and laboratory studies. It does not require disposal and completely decomposes in 9-12 months.

With this package you are saving the Earth.


Our products:

– Practical and functional

– Has a sealed body

– Suitable for sealing machines

– Resistant to fur. impacts

– Can be heated in microwave (up to 120 C)

– Withstands shock freezing (up to 40 Seconds)

– Does not require special disposal

– Not subject to environmental charges


У нас лояльная ценовая политика и гибкая система скидок.We have a loyal pricing policy and a flexible system of discounts. You can verify this at any time by inviting our Manager with samples of products or by requesting a price and samples via the form on the website.

Our production regularly passes all quality and other tests. The quality of products is confirmed by the certificate of conformity, the products meet international standards.


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