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Concern for the environment is not only a personal initiative, but a collective responsibility of all mankind.
Nowadays people rethink the culture of consumption and expect the same from the companies, whose goods and services they use. Biodegradable package is not harmful towards the nature, as bioplastic dissolves in the natural environment, leaving only a small percentage of polypropylene micro granules.

Of course, you care about the visual attractiveness of your products. What about their package? Visually attractive package contributes to a better perception of your products. Biodegradable package is not perceived like ordinary plastic – it is more dense and weighty.
More importantly, it is much nicer than plastic to the touch. A wide choice of packaging forms and broad possibilities of coloring will help to promote your products and strengthen the brand image.

Do you need products that are not included in our standard range? We will produce tableware and package of any shape and color according to your wishes.
Our experts will help you to develop the design and color scheme, as well as launch your unique project into production in the shortest possible time.

Our products are functional:
-have a durable body;
-are suitable for sealing machines;
-are resistant to mechanical impacts;
-can be heated in microwave (up to 120°C);
– withstands shock freezing (up to -40°C);
– meet the biodegradable criteria.

Our products are not more expensive than ordinary plastic. At the same time their quality and appearance are often better than of traditional tableware and package.
More important, biodegradable products do not require payment of environmental taxes.


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About our dishes and packaging