The advantages of biodegradable tableware over traditional plastic

Despite the fact that the products of corn starch (biodegradable tableware) appeared on the market not so long ago, they are becoming more popular every day. Federal and regional authorities, socially responsible companies and even ordinary conscious citizens refuse plastic in favor of biodegradable materials.

There are five main reasons.

1. Biodegradable tableware is safe for human health in contrast with, for example, plastic, which can release toxic compounds and carcinogens while being in contact with alcoholic beverages or being heated. In addition, polymeric materials, of which plastic products are completely composed, are subject to the aging process. As a result, harmful substances of such a container are released into the food products in contact with a container.

2. Biodegradable tableware does not cause such serious harm to the environment as the traditional products made of polymeric materials. According to environmentalists, plastic makes about 80% of human waste, and disposable tableware is an essential part of it.
Less than 1% of the world’s plastic waste is recycled, while the period of its natural decay lasts for hundreds of years.

3. Raw materials for eco-friendly tableware (starch) are made from renewable resource – corn. For example, production of paper plates and glasses implies cutting down the forests, the restoration of which takes many years. Raw materials for conventional plastic products – hydrocarbons – are non-renewable. At the meantime, the technologies used in the petrochemical, pulp and paper industries have a serious impact on the environment.

4. Tableware made of corn starch is light, durable, visually elegant, pleasant to the touch and odorless. Due to the special properties of the natural material it can withstand quite strong temperature changes, retain the smell and taste of drinks and food.

5. The choice of biodegradable tableware is evidence of modern thinking, the conscious movement to protect the environment and preserve human health. This choice starts with such a simple everyday step. And its use at official events increases the prestige of the organizers.


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The advantages of biodegradable tableware over traditional plastic