Stages of packaging production

01 Mixing of raw materials
The raw material is based on corn starch and polypropylene. Raw materials in the form of granules are fed into the extruder. If the production of colored dishes is planned — natural food dyes are added in the prescribed proportion.

02 Production of the biodegradable sheet
Inside the extruder the granules (extrudate) are heated to a high temperature and are constantly mixed to achieve the desired consistency. The prepared molten mass goes through the process of formation into a single sheet with thickness of 0.55 mm or more (depending on the type of manufactured products)

03 Quality Control
Quality of each produced biodegradable sheet is thoroughly inspected by our staff on the uniformity of the color and thickness

04 Installation on the thermoforming machine
The rolled up biodegradable sheet from the previous stage is fed to the thermoforming machine. Depending on the type of product to manufacture, the machine uses molds (press-forms) of different configurations.

05 Preparation for the forming process
The roll needs to be heated to make possible the forming of the tableware items. For this purpose, the roll first passes through the oven, which heats the material to forming temperature.

06 Forming
With the use of the mold and pressure-box the thermoforming machine applies vacuum to remove trapped air and to pull the material onto the mold. After a short form cycle, a burst of reverse air pressure is actuated from the vacuum side of the mold to break the vacuum and assist the formed products (food boxes, containers, plates, glasses) out of the mold.

07 Cutting
The roll with formed items enters the cutter, where with the help of a cutting press the individual items are made.

08 Quality Control
Each item produced passes quality control, and is carefully checked by our staff for any defects.

09 Finished product Packaging
Products, which have successfully passed the quality control, are packaged according to the factory specifications in small stacks of 20/50/100 pieces and then are put into the labeled boxes.


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Stages of packaging production