Biodegradation of starch-containing products in natural conditions

Biodegradation of starch-containing products (plates, glasses) was carried out in compost under natural conditions.

The beginning of the experiment -23 July 2017.
Compost composition: 1/3 earth, 1/3 sand, 1/3 manure.
Temperature fluctuations were recorded from +32°C during the day to 2°C at night.
While prolonged absence of rains the compost was moisted by watering to a humidity of 50 – 80%.
The products were extracted in 90 days for intermediate measurements and photographing.

Biodegradable starch-containing products in the compost under natural conditions: plates, glasses (OOO KRAMBIOPLAST) and a biodegradable package BAG CORN before putting in the compost 23.07.2017/ Plates, glasses (OOO Krambioplast) and a biodegradable Corn Bag package (China) after being in the compost for 3 months (removed 23.10.2017)

According to the results of studies on biodegradation, it was found that after 90 days spent by the samples in compost in natural conditions, significant changes have appeared on the surface of the samples: the colonies of fungi in the form of point and extended areas of green and pink color. The surface of the samples has darkened. The shape of the products has subjected to significant deformation. The material of the products has become thinner and softer. Color plates have experienced the most significant changes. This indicates a greater bioavailability of starch for the bacteria in these samples. At the meantime no changes and deformations were noted in reference samples made of conventional plastic (a plate of polystyrene and a glass of polypropylene).


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Biodegradation of starch-containing products in natural conditions